Here we go yet again…

So, where will the latest iteration of my blog go?

The answer to that is nowhere in particular. I don’t want to focus on one or two issues and I don’t want to create a persistently contentious style. I have a broad range of interests and  I hope that my writing will reflect this. I will, of course, continue to address controversial matters as I’ve done in the past.

With the general election approaching politics will inevitably raise its head on these pages and for that I offer no apologies. Despite growing up in the Tory heartland of rural West Sussex, I’ve been a proud socialist since my early teens. On many occasions my convictions brought me into conflict with my grammar school headmaster and frequently brought some form of sanction but I never deviated from my beliefs.

I do, however, foresee a problem at the forthcoming election. Tony Blair recently suggested that Ed Milliband and the Labour Party had moved too far to the left to win, a claim that I find both ridiculous and baffling. The Labour Party needs to move to the left, to re-connect with the very people it was created to represent. As things stand this hollowed out husk of a political entity is utterly failing the most vulnerable people in society and so far I’ve seen little evidence that things will change for the better in the event of Labour forming a majority government in May. My problem, then, is whether or not I can in all conscience vote for a party that won’t commit to improving the lot of ordinary people. Particularly dispiriting has been the enthusiasm with which the Labour Party has embraced the “skivers versus strivers” rhetoric of the right wing parties.

Time will tell and I’ll be returning to this issue between now and the general election.


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